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Is this benchmark score about right?

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  • Is this benchmark score about right?

    I have a feeling that I screwed this system up while building it and I just tried the performance test and it feels slower than it should be, not that I know.
    so, I hope that some of you fine people here will be able to tell me that I am right or wrong about it.

    My system specs are:

    EDIT: HAPPY 2006!!!!!

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    I had a quick look. I didn't see anything that looked obviously wrong or drastically low.

    For people who have purchased the software we keep a database of benchmark results. This can be accessed from inside PerformanceTest (under the 'baseline' menu).

    There is also a web page version here,

    This feature allows you to compare you machine to others.



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      By disabling the anti virus and closing the on line connection I get a score of 670, I wonder if I would get higher if I disabled all the rest background programs. (I have 480 MBs RAM occupied somewhere and I don't know where)

      The thing that troubles me is the 2.8 MB/s result from the HDD. Feels awfully small.
      Thanks for your reply.


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        It is probably the disk cache using up that amount of RAM. (Which is normal for Windows on a machine with a lot of RAM).

        You might get a higher CD score if you use a test CD with big files on it. (rather than lots of small files).

        Some background tasks can certainly slow down your machine.

        I have just made a new post that summaries some investigation we did on Windows background tasks a few months back, see,



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          Looks good to me for your system keep trying to Tweak and test your settings you could get more of it just keep trying

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