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CPU Test Failure - error creating a process during this CPU test

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  • CPU Test Failure - error creating a process during this CPU test

    Over the past month we've had several reports of the CPU tests failing with the error message;

    "There has been an error creating a process during this CPU test. The test will now exit."

    We've found in all cases the cause to be the file 'pt1.exe' to be missing from the PerformanceTest install directory. Re-installing usually fixes this problem.

    Currently we're speculating that an anti-virus package has been updated recently and is sometimes misidentifying this executable as a virus, then deleting the file. If any one sees this happen, please contact us so we can get it sorted out.

    This turned out to be an obscure bug in our code, as of build 1025 this should be fixed.
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    This is happening to me on many machines! Some with no AV installed. All Z68 boards with i5/i7 stock speeds.


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      Can you try this new build of PT

      There is a small chance we've corrected the issue. If the problem still remains can you run PT in debug mode as described here, cause the problem to occur, and then send us the log file at the address listed on that page.


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        After receiving a debug log we've found the problem and have fixed it in a new build (1025). It was a bug related to incorrectly collecting the video card system information when multiple video cards were present in the system. This problem seems to have become more common as more machines now have a video card built into the CPU, and well as secondary card(s).

        Thanks for sending in the log file.