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PT Mobile BETA - curious results for Motorola TX300 (Spice)

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  • Richard (PassMark)
    I looked at all the submissions for XT300 in our database. Four in total as of this post. 2 are from V0.3.5000 and 2 (presumably yours) are from V0.3.5500.

    The overall PassMark score takes into account all the other "Marks" and in V0.3.5000 we did not factor in screen resolution into the G3DMark calculation. When we did this in V0.3.5500, it lowered the G3DMark score for some devices and also lowered the overall PassMark score.

    The charts are currently a mix of V0.3.5000 and V0.3.5500. When we get enough submissions for V0.3.5500 we will stop displaying V0.3.5000. Otherwise our charts will have only a limited number of devices listed.

    Also, we are continuing evaluating the formula for scoring devices, and plan to adjust and tweak the scoring to give a fair value. In the final release, we will reset the scores for all devices and then the marks should be a better representative.

    We are curious on the "crash" that you are experiencing, please email us at (android at passmark dot com) if you wouldn't mind possibly testing a debug build in the future. We have not had any other reports of this crash. If possible, send in the crash report to Android Market as well. As that gives us a trace file to look over.

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  • William
    It's XT300 not TX300

    temporary dyslexai sorry

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  • PT Mobile BETA - curious results for Motorola TX300 (Spice)

    I have 2 identical Motorola TX300 (Spice) phones. These are Android 2.1 Update 1 devices. One is rooted, the other is pristine which I use as a control. They are cheap enough for this luxury. Both benchmark with similar total scores:

    Rooted: BL# 003685 Passmark score 59
    Control: BL# 003686 Passmark score 59

    Both score less than 30% of your aggregate score for the model which is 205. Now, 205 is no speed demon at 10% of the Galaxy S II, but it is still 350% of what I'm getting, so I sure would like that rather than 59. Remember, my control is pristine, so I can't blame it on my diddling.

    Any ideas?

    Note that I have not yet done anything to the rooted phone such as remove bloatware etc. It's all pretty new.

    BTW, after I am done the tests and uploaded the results, etc., the software consistently hangs the two devices. The rooted one allows me to do a power-off, but the pristine needs a battery pull. I'm not complaining (it's a free beta after all), I'm just saying for the record.