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AMD bulldozer faster than i7 2600k?

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  • AMD bulldozer faster than i7 2600k?

    First of all, many thanks for an excellent website.
    It's become one of the first websites I visit in order to make a purchasing decision.

    Since AMD's bulldozer came out, I've been following the scores getting progressively higher. And surprisingly today, I found that the FX 8120 appears to be faster than the flagship FX 8150 AND i7 2600k?

    This has now cast some doubt in my mind with regards to the accuracy of your charts or the benchmark.

    Could you please cast some light on what's going on here, when all other benchmarks out there show the FX 8120 to be inferior to the i7 2600k?
    Is it possible overclocking results are also part of the main chart?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This was a case of over-clocking. It should be fixed in the next chart refresh.

    AMD CPUs don't have their base clock speed in their name so our system can't automatically sort out what is over-clocked and what isn't until we manually add the base speed into our database. I've now corrected this.


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      I downloaded all the FX-81xx's Baselines I could find and the 8120's in the results are running between 4.2 and 4.6 Ghz (reported anyway, who knows for sure). So yes they are OC'd. Passmark should fix this soon.

      Edit: Yup fast, faster than me!

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