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Testing other drives in system

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  • Testing other drives in system

    Just got performance test and ran it to get a baseline. I have 2 additional drives in the machine. How can I run the drive tests on those two additional drives and would the test be uploaded/compared to others just like with the baseline (which is what I am hoping to do).

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    You can save results to your local hard drive, or upload them (if they aren't duplicates).

    You can select the drive to test from the Preferences window.


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      Found it. A little confused on baselines. Are baselines for entire system tests? Or can I save a baseline for the test of a single drive? For example the score on a drive I just tested is 923 vs the recorded maximum of 886.

      Have about 10 drives I am getting (2 new machines) so wanted to both compare the results as well as contribute.

      Also, where/how are prices updated? For example the SK Hynix prices for both 120GB and 250GB drives in the site are higher than current prices.


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        Pricing is from Amazon and NewEgg.

        A baseline is a file that contains some benchmark results and some system information (CPU model, amount of RAM, etc..).

        For locally saved Baseline files there is no requirement for all the tests to be run before saving a file.
        For baselines submitted to our online database we need most of the tests run (there are some exceptions for stuff like the CD/DVD test, as not everyone has a CD drive).


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          Thanks for reply.. so basically I won't be able to provide stats on all these drives I am getting... Could that be something to consider for the future? A way to allow users to upload stats for multiple drives.. Tried it and the program did not allow me to upload another baseline so I won't be able to contribute info on the other drives.


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            We only want full sets of results in our database.