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Sudden low '2D Mark' results; previous results were optimal. Please Advise.

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  • Sudden low '2D Mark' results; previous results were optimal. Please Advise.

    After fiddling with PerformanceTest for some time I noticed a sharp decline in my '2D Mark' results. I would normally score in the 650 - 780 range and now I'm pulling reports of 200 - 400. On a side note, during the '2D' benchmark, certain parts of the process will lag, freeze, or come to a near crawl. All of which was not happening before.

    My Specs:

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    What changed?
    e.g. a hardware upgrade, did you install some additional software, maybe a new video card device driver?

    As you are seriously overclocked, maybe there are temperature throttling issues.


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      Nothing changed without my knowing it. I've been overclocked for some time now. Along with no new hardware changes, driver updates, etc.

      I just recently uploaded a baseline and it was optimal:

      Passmark Rating 3,323
      CPU Mark 7,594
      2D Graphics Mark 783
      3D Graphics Mark 8,632
      Memory Mark 2,240
      Disk Mark 1,273

      My results as of current (just now):

      Passmark Rating 2,534
      CPU Mark 7,538
      2D Graphics Mark 404
      3D Graphics Mark 8,633
      Memory Mark 2,131
      Disk Mark 1,094

      It seems there has been a hit not only in '2D' but in 'Memory and 'Disk' as well.


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        I would return it all to normal clock rates and see if the lagging and freezing is fixed.


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          Same results as before, unfortunately. Lagging, freezing, and low '2D Mark' score still remain to be the issue. Notably when I run Performancetest in 32-bit instead of 64-bit mode, my '2D Mark' jumps to 700 and the other problems cease. However, to reiterate, the 64-bit mode stays at 200 - 400 which is far below its original results. So you know I am running Windows 7 SP1, if it means anything.
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            Do you have the individual test results from the 2D test? Both the original set and the current set.? Maybe it is only 1 or 2 of the sub-tests that are effected? Which might allow a guess at what the cause it.

            There should be no difference between 32bit and 64bit for the 2D tests.


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              Sorry, I don't have the original set but I can tell you that 'Simple Vectors', 'Fonts and Texts', and 'Direct 2D' run dramatically worse than before. In particular, 'Simple Vectors' slows during 'Back Buffered Solid and Transparent Vectors', 'Fonts and Texts' comes to a crawl when zooming in and out on "Fonts", and 'Direct 2D' has lower FPS throughout. Notice the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit, 32-bit is close to my optimal/original scores of 650 - 780.

              My 64-bit results (just now): My 32-bit results (just now):

              2D Graphics Mark ------------------ 2D Graphics Mark

              This Computer 384.0 -------------- This Computer 695

              Simple Vectors --------------------- Simple Vectors

              This Computer 9.8
              ---------------- This Computer 34.7

              Complex Vectors -------------------- Complex Vectors

              This Computer 97.0 ---------------- This Computer 160.5

              Fonts and Text ---------------------- Fonts and Text

              This Computer 187.9
              ------------- This Computer 224.5

              Windows Interface ------------------ Windows Interface

              This Computer 116.9 --------------- This Computer 114.3

              Image Filters -------------------------- Image Filters

              This Computer 802 ----------------- This Computer 707

              Image Rendering --------------------- Image Rendering

              This Computer 770 ------------------ This Computer 772

              Direct 2D -------------------------------- Direct 2D

              This Computer 4.85 --------------- This Computer 13.0
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