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Low Benchmark test result in comparison to PC of same model and specs

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  • Low Benchmark test result in comparison to PC of same model and specs

    Hi everyone, I'm having a probably small problem but I've been messing my brain around this. I've made a fresh install (i erased everything I had in the disk) of windows 7 ultimate in my Laptop, a Qosmio f60. everything is ok, except when I start to look at my CPU performance. The processor is a Intel Core i7 740Q, a rather nice processor, but when I go and test it, either with windows index or even the passmark software, it tells me that its running on half the speed, or better saying, I'm having half the results I used to have. now, I've checked every functionality in the BIOS, and everything is on, hyperthreading blablabla, but It doesnt improve. I then went to see if it was only in my mind that the computer was slow, which I then understood to be right, since I've compared it to another qosmio of the same model and specs and it scores almost double of what I do in the PassMark benchmark. Please, does somebody have a clue? or am I just a huge morron? either way, please help, I use this pc for academic work and it has to be on top shape for me to present my thesis. oh and I have every driver updated and so on.

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    Have a look at this post to start with,
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

    In particular check the power settings & make sure you are running on mains power.