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11,000+ Overclocked FX 8120/8150 "Club"

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  • 11,000+ Overclocked FX 8120/8150 "Club"

    First off, just want to say that Passmark has been an excellent tool for me. It is especially handy when trying to find my stable overclocks. I use the CPU passmark up to 20 times consecutively to see if there are any major variations between the individual scores (integer, compression, etc.), then I run my stress tests. If there are major variations, then there is almost always an unstable overclock. If the scores are consistent, then I have a very stable OC.

    I'm just curious what the highest FX 8120 and FX8150 CPU Passmark scores are. I've achieved 11,000+ with my FX 8120 builds, and I know that there are 11,000+ FX8150 scores. It would be great to see what people have achieved with these processors, especially considering all the bad reviews they have received in the past. I know as a tech that's owned both the 4100 (had that one get past 7,000+ CPU passmark score once) and 8120, and builds them for others, that these are really amazing processors, in my opinion. And this is coming from a guy that used to be 100% pro-Intel with the i7's, so I hope I don't get anyone dogging me because they suspect I'm an die hard AMD fan boy (I did convert, though, lol).

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    As of 30/Mar/2012 with PerformanceTest V7,

    Top CPUMark for AMD FX-8120 is currently 12,373. (Baseline number 596581).
    2nd is 11,501.

    Top CPUMark for AMD FX-8150 is currently 11,726. (Baseline number 547899).
    2nd is 11,575.

    Looks like the owner of the top 8120 got lucky and had a particularly stable CPU to overclock with.

    Scores above 11,000 sound good until you look at a chip like the Intel i7-3930K. Where the top CPUmark is 20,422.


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      Thanks. That's still awesome. Think that brings me in 3rd for the 8120 with 11,254, the M5A88-M. lol. Sucks because I have gotten it to 11,888 stable using CPU passmark, but posted my score already with the processor clocked at 4.482 gHz. And I posted it because I didn't have this processor overclocked past 4.5 gHz or didn't have to overvolt it too much (1.3875V).

      What's hard to believe is that the top CPUMark for the AMD FX was done by a 8120 rather than a 8150. Wow.

      I don't think I've really given up Intel as far as their performance and innovation, but more so for their pricing. And I think it's great that AMD is still around to keep Intel on its toes. I get my 8120's cheap, and get some serious performance for their price. If I had the cash for an i7-3930K, I would buy one without any hesitation at all, though. In a heartbeat, that's for sure. lol. Never thought I'd see a CPU Passmark over 20,000. Wow. I've been using Passmark since the i7 920's first came out, with my 920 builds.

      Thanks for posting those scores for me. It's much appreciated.


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        > Think that brings me in 3rd for the 8120 with 11,254

        There are couple of others in between. So maybe 5th position.


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          You told me about possibly being 5th and posted that someone actually got first with a score past 12,000. So I just HAD to attempt a higher score. So I did, and got it past 12,000 with a little more effort (usually use the Physics test initially to start finding my stable voltages).

          Seemed like my GFX card began to bottleneck on one of the 3D tests, with it overclocked that much more. Just wish there was a way to replace GDI+ with Direct2D in Win 7 so my 2D scores wouldn't be so low. Saw that someone had a really wickedly high score on 2D with one of the top GPUs but they had a LOT of memory installed on their system (if I remember right).


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            We'll be adding a Direct2D test in PerformanceTest V8. We were playing with some possible code yesterday in fact. As far as we can tell Direct 2D is often CPU bound. It isn't something you can use with PerformanceTest V7.


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              That'd def. be awesome for V8, as far as adding a Direct2D test. Sounds like it would be really great to have included with the new PM test. With it being often CPU bound, it kind of caught me off guard a little because I thought GPU would be in there as far as hardware acceleration.

              All I really tried to do was tweak the Win registry to see if I could take some of the GDI limitations off, with no luck. lol. But I found out how Win 7 GDI works a little better, so not a waste of time. Only changing my Win 7 theme to one of the simpler themes ended up increasing my vector test scores while decreasing the rest.

              I'm really interested to see how Passmark scores will increase the next year or two, with SATA 3 (SSD's have never been faster) becoming more widely available, with PCIe 3.0 (more bandwidth there), and the "core race." I remember when 920's first came out, and I was so amazed at the overclocks, scores, and performance I got from them, then. lol.


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                Not trying to bring up and old thread Just thought I would chime in and join the club and post my 8150 score of 16,062 baseline ID DTFX4399


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                  Nice, I hope next FX-8350 will do even better score than 8150


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                    ID DTFX4399 wouldn't appear to be a valid baseline number. It isn't a number for a start.


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                      I apologize DTFX4399 is the name you use to search for my computer


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                        I found the file without any problem


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                          Scores above 11,000 sound good until you look at a chip like the Intel i7-3930K. Where the top CPUmark is 20,422.

                          I have to say those scores sound really nice when you consider that the FX 8150 is less than half the price and yet I can get over 3/4th of the score of the 3930k


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                            As a matter of fact I could buy 2 8150s and 1 8120 for the price of 1 Intel 3930k


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                              And soon even better FX out (next mounth I hope) The FX-8350. This is my next CPU and it will replace my old Phenom II 955BE at 3.6 GHz (overclocked)