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Athlon X4 641 Benchmark

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  • David (PassMark)
    Hard to know what the correct value for these CPU should be.

    The x4 641 is part of AMD's fusion CPU range. (The naming is strange in our opinion as the CPU isn't a fusion with a GPU)

    It seems like most the fusion CPU range has issue in the benchmark tests. They have jekyll and hyde like behavior. Some examples benchmark really well, other fairly poorly.

    We suspect this is due to a CPU bug, but can't be 100% just yet. More details are here,

    Update 4/April/12: Turns out there is a CPU bug, and the BIOS patch to fix the bug causes the performance problem. It effects only half the Fusion CPUs, as only about half have had the patch applied in BIOS. See the post linked to above for more details.

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  • katemonster
    started a topic Athlon X4 641 Benchmark

    Athlon X4 641 Benchmark

    Hi, The 641 is currently listed as the highest-value chip out there. For 87 bucks, it sounds spectacular, but when compared to the other X4's, the benchmark is almost positively skewed. What could cause it to appear so high?