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PerformanceTest Mobile 2.0 for Android Beta Release

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  • PerformanceTest Mobile 2.0 for Android Beta Release

    We are pleased to announce that PerformanceTest Mobile 2.0 for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and later (API 11+) has now entered beta and is available for download and testing.

    Current Beta Version
    Beta 1

    Download Link

    What's New in Version 2.0
    • CPU, Disk and Memory tests are now using native code. Individual test results (not the calculated Marks) should now be more comparable to their PerformanceTest desktop counterpart. See known issues section below.
    • New Single threaded CPU test.
    • Completely new Memory Tests. Now including: Database Operations, Memory Read Cached, Memory Read Un-cached, Memory Write, Memory Latency, and Memory Threaded Test.
    • Re-written disk tests. Tests will be performed without cache where available.
    • New 3D OpenGL ES test created using Unity.
    • Improved system information. Including Battery information and Screen dimensions.
    • CPU Encryption tests now uses cryptopp library.
    • Updated bouncing balls 3D test.
    • New baseline management feature, including ability to save to device, search our database, and compare results within the application itself.
    Known Issues
    • With new tests being added and old test updated. The results from V1 may not be comparable with V2.
    • To keep the size of the application reasonable, we no longer support MIPS architecture.
    • Some lower memory devices may not be able to run or run but return no results on the OpenGL ES Test using Unity. Android will start closing programs that use too much memory which might cause the program to crash/restart without notice.
    • Disk Internal/External Read tests may fail when running the complete benchmark suite with the error "Failed to Create Test File". However, the test might actually be okay when run manually.
    • The Disk test will now commence without using cache (if possible), as such, the disk tests read and write speeds will be lower than V1. If cache is in use, PerformanceTest will note it and you may see similar results as in V1.
    Bugs, Comments, Questions

    Keep any comments, bugs, suggestions, questions in this thread. For bugs, please also let us know the device/model being used. You can also send email in if preferred.

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    Problem with new 2.0.1000 version: Crashes at "database operations" on LG L15G.


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      Originally posted by oldfogie View Post
      Problem with new 2.0.1000 version: Crashes at "database operations" on LG L15G.
      Thanks for help testing the app. We will be looking at all the reported crashes from Google Play Developer Console later this week.


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        Are there plans to update the iOS version of PerformanceTest? It hasn't been updated since 2012, and a lot has changed about iOS in the last five years. Notably, it has not been optimized for 64-bit ARMv8 processors. Apple recently confirmed that iOS 11 will remove 32-bit libraries, and as a result 32-bit-only apps will not run on iOS 11.


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          We do have something in the works, but it will not be as extensive as the changes we made for the Android version of the software. The update will many make it in compliance with the 64-bit requirement.