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Why no list of computer models

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  • Why no list of computer models

    I was hoping to find comparisons of computer models. Like if a popular manufacturer offers the same configuration in two models but one is a newer model, newer motherboard, is it faster? That kind of thing. I'd bet among the hundreds of thousands of tests that have been uploaded the answer is probably in there but I only see listings by processor, or the top & bottom 20 systems and even those only state processor, memory etc.

    BTW I was going to search the forums but when I try it says "search is disabled".

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    It normally isn't possible to detect the model number or name of the whole computer via software. So we don't have a lot of the information.
    With many brand name computers there are often options for different CPUs, RAM and video cards. So even machines with the same model number might have different hardware in them.

    There is a search function top right on the page.


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      Too bad. Software can report a lot about a system. If when a user uploads a profile it asked for the rest (model, etc) you'd have a heck of a valuable resource. It would take some marketing but imagine if the slightly savvy buyer knew they could come here to find out if the HP model X with a certain set of specs is faster than the Dell model Y with the same setup? Or if the Optiplex 400 is faster than an Optiplex 300 with the same setup. That would be golden information, that could be turned into gold.

      Your search box just told me "search disabled".