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Low CPU score for i7 920 in an ASUS CG5290

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  • Low CPU score for i7 920 in an ASUS CG5290

    I have an ASUS CG5290 with the standard i7 920. When using Performance Test 7 64-bit to compare scores of the same model I'm seeing most hit a CPU mark around 5500, where mine is only getting around 4200. I'm only running PT7 when I run the test, and the computer is most assuredly clean. Even using the ASUS overclocking software only gives me 4600. Any ideas what could be the matter?
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    False alarm! I found the solution in another forum. My power management was set to saver. Once I switched to high performance I got a score of 5900. Sorry guys. Though I hope this may help someone else who has a problem.


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      Can you post all the individual CPU scores (or the baseline number, if you have uploaded results) so we can see them.

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      Update: Beat me to posting. But link will help others.