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  • Memory Test - Large

    What does this test do?

    What does a low "relative score" mean. My Dell 8250 2.4G 533 FSB @ 512M scores VERY low relative to a slower dell and a 3.0 Dell of simialr heritage.

    All other scores are in between the two reference systems as expected.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Basically, the large memory test allocates a large amount of memory and reads data from it.

    The large memory test measures the ability of an application to allocate a large amount of memory and use it quickly. The lower the score, the less able an application will be to load large amounts of data into memory and read it quickly (for example analyzing large data sets in RAM). The score will be higher the larger the amount of available RAM, the less fragmented the RAM is, and the faster the RAM is.


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      Thank you.

      I now have o figure out hy my 512M 533Mhz front side bus Dell 2.4Ghz P4 is scoring so low compared to comparable Dell machines above AND below it it the baseline reference data.