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  • Single thread (core) benchmark database


    All benchmark submissions contain result for all CPU cores (2, or 4, or 8 or more). But in real word there are many applications that are single or two threaded. And it's quite difficult to approximate multiple threads (cores) result to what will happen in such application, especially in case of hyper-threading or AMD modules, that are not the same as Intel core.

    It would be very nice if Performance Test will run 1-2 and up to maximum threads CPU benchmark and submits result for separated databases. I guess this information will be very useful when choosing CPU for specific tasks.

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    In PerformanceTest V7, All the CPU tests are multi-threaded (multi-process to be precise). So they can take advantage of dual core, quad core and multiple CPU scenarios.

    In PerformanceTest V8 (in development), will added a single thread test under the CPU Test Suite. More details about pending changes and implementation on V8 can be found in the following forum thread.

    PT8 development thread


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      Just to add, only the CPU test is multi-threaded.
      Also you can adjust the thread count from the Edit / Preferences window if you want to run your own tests at less than the maximum threads.


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        I know, but the issue in choosing new CPU )))


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          The current Intel chips are faster both running 1 thread and multiple threads. But they are often more expensive as well.