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PT9 VS PT8, ability to revert

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  • PT9 VS PT8, ability to revert

    Let me start by saying I hate the new PT9 interface. Perhaps it works for others better. For me, for what I need to know, for what I do it doesn't. I do virtualization work, and use it to ascertain how a machines performance is impacted by updates, drivers, etc before deployment. Not using DX12 or any other new features I can find in PT9. I want to use PT8 but the PT9 key doesn't work with it.

    Can I use my PT9 key with PT8 instead? Can I get a PT8 key because I purchased PT9?


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    In terms of the user interface PT9 is a superset of PT8. Meaning there shouldn't be anything missing in V9 that was in V8. There are more buttons and options however. So maybe you haven't found the right option. Maybe you can put up a PT8 screen shot and we can show you how to get the same information in V9.

    Yes, downgrade is also possible, we can swap V9 keys for V8. Just Email us the order details.