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  • David (PassMark)
    The highest score is listed here for PerformanceTest V6,

    There are actually higher scores that what are listed here. But a few people are 'cheating', in a sense, by using RAM disks instead of hard disks. Of a RAM disk is about 50 times faster than a normal hard disk, so the PC will appear faster.

    Just something to be aware of when you are looking at some of the results.

    If you are using "Perfomance Index v1.1" which was the Intel version of our software, the results are not directly comparable with PerformanceTest V6 however. (This was Intel's decision)


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  • titan_summoner
    started a topic Decent Speed?

    Decent Speed?

    Done using Perfomance Index v1.1
    Benchmark results
    Test Name This Computer:
    CPU - Integer Math 4022.26
    CPU - Floating Point Math 3569.04
    CPU - Matrix Multiplication 2032.11
    CPU - SSE/3DNow! 3972.14
    CPU - Compression 3592.20
    CPU - Encryption 7544.55
    CPU - Image Rotation 4467.81
    CPU - String Sorting 3343.96
    Graphics 2D - Lines 116.65
    Graphics 2D - Rectangles 227.99
    Graphics 2D - Shapes 31.06
    Graphics 3D - Simple 2470.67
    Graphics 3D - Medium 2021.97
    Graphics 3D - Complex 847.70
    Memory - Allocate Small Block 1372.18
    Memory - Read Cached 1716.42
    Memory - Read Uncached 1614.55
    Memory - Write 1155.08
    CD - Read 2.10
    CPU Mark 4081.70
    2D Graphics Mark 1941.11
    Memory Mark 2094.32
    CD Mark 841.99
    3D Graphics Mark 7494.28
    Performance Index 2725.89

    Also i was wondering if there was a post with all the high scores