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Repeat question I'm sure... Where are my results in the graphs?

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  • TMoney128
    The other thing you can do is select one of your components (ie CPU) from the benchmarks page on the website. If you scroll to the bottom you will see the last 5 submissions for that component. Depending on how common it is and if you're quick enough, you will find yours!

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  • David (PassMark)
    The charts on our web site are averages. So your result will have been added into the averages.

    We don't ask for a account / login to be created to do the upload, so the consequences of this means we don't automatically know which file is your file (it is more or less anonymous).

    We do also have a page per baseline uploaded with an overview of the results. To find your page we would need the baseline number, or the URL which is displayed when the results are uploaded.

    Results can also be saved on your local machine if you want to keep them.

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  • Repeat question I'm sure... Where are my results in the graphs?

    Could not find the answer in the FAQ. I downloaded PTEST 9.0 and ran and uploaded my results.
    Is there any sane way to find out where my results went on the multiple pages of comparison graphs on the website?