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  • System Management BIOS access

    When starting Performance Test 7.0, I rcv an error message: Performance Test could not access System Management BIOS, reason system OEM did not config the info or the info is corrupt. Running the test resulted in poor scores. I used the software on many different systems we evaluate and build and ship and never seen the error. I've reinstalled the software, same error.
    32-bit Win 7 embedded, clean image, all drivers installed, no errors in Device Manager
    G850 Pentium CPU, H61 chipset, 1x4GB DDR3, 250GB Seagate 2.5" HDD
    Any comments, anyone else seen this?

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    If you can send us a debug log we can take a deeper look.

    I think it is unlikely that the contents of the SMBios are causing low scores.
    Why do you think the scores were low?
    Where they low across the board or just in 1 area (e.g. just CPU)?


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      Thanks for your quick reply. I will upload the debug log (PerfTestLog.txt). New mbd to evaluate, first time I've seen that Sys Manage BIOS message, rcvd a G850 Pentium CPU Mark of 758 when I had seen values around 2200 on another brand mbd w/ same CPU. The rest of the boards Marks were OK So I posted to this forum.
      After running PT in DEBUGMODE one time, the low values disappeared. I still get the Sys Manage BIOS message when I start PT on that mbd, but the CPU Marks are now at 2300, consistently.
      Thanks again, Paul