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Overall score drop between Build 1006 and Build 1015

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  • Overall score drop between Build 1006 and Build 1015

    I have a set of 3 identical HP EliteBook 820 G3 notebooks, each running a Sysprep'ed Windows 10 Image. Each has the same amount of RAM, and each has the same make and model of hard drive. Each got a benchmark score between 1425 and 1434 on Performance Test 9 Build 1006. After updating two of them to Build 1015, I saw a nearly 100 point performance drop in both. New scores are 1344 and 1359.

    Looking at the individual scores:

    A 100 point drop in CPUMark
    A 20 point drop in 2DMark
    A negligible difference in 3DMark
    A 25 point drop in MemoryMark
    A nearly 100 point drop in DiskMark

    I know that there are differences between successive builds, but is a score drop like this normal?

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    You can find a list of changes here,

    There wasn't any change that would impact all the results like this. I suspect if you run the test suite multiple times and take the max value (you can do this from the preferences window) then the results would be closer.

    Likely you have other tasks running in the background (all Windows machines do to some extent) that impact the results.


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      You are correct! After rebooting and running the tests again, the scored jumped well past their original results. Thanks!