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    Hi, on your page with benchmark points you have set FX-4100 to 3969 pts, while on my pc with stock cooler and everything stock I have made over 4300+ pts, my FX-4100 is performing better than yours ? It is on default speed of 3,6 Ghz with turbo on 3,8 Ghz. Can you change that benchmark pts on your page, because clearly that proccesor is faster and around 500 difference pts is kinda big to me
    Ive submited my data with name 'Generic AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3617'
    and here is another proof :
    And why is my processor faster than your on benchmark?

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    There are several factors that can pull down the average results.

    The main one in this case is probably the relatively high number of people running this on a 32bit operating system (or using the 32bit release of PerformanceTest on a 64bit O/S).

    On XP 32bit the score is more around the 2700 mark.

    This post has some background on the 32bit / 64bit issue.


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      oh ok, I thought the shown score is like the biggest score measured on that processor, but its average from all ppl who ran test.
      Thans for the answer.