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Asus 560 Performance Issue

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  • Asus 560 Performance Issue

    Hi everyone,

    I have an Asus GTX 560 which is preforming below that which I believe it should. I've been comparing the benchmark from my computer against that of a very similar computer (mine actually has double the RAM) and notice an issue with the complex 3d graphics portion.

    I was hoping that this forum might be able to help me find the source of this loss of fps.

    Thanks in advanced.

    The HHD was the only other area that did not come close to similar builds, would this effect my fps?

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    What CPU do you have.
    What is the baseline number of the result you are comparing yours against?


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      Originally posted by David (PassMark) View Post
      What CPU do you have.
      What is the baseline number of the result you are comparing yours against?
      Hi David, thanks for the reply.

      I currently have the following system specs:
      OS: Win 7 Home Premium 64bit
      CPU: i5 2500k OC~4.0GHZ
      RAM: 8gigs RipJaw DDR3 1866
      GPU: Asus 560 1GB
      HDD: WD-500GB hdd (7200rpm)
      Motherboard: Biostar TZ68+

      By "baseline number of results" I assume you mean how many systems? I have downloaded baselines from 3 other systems with the same CPU and Graphics Card as my system, all of which score at least 3200. One had all stats the same aside from a different motherboard and a SSD (he rated ~4k) and another had half the ram that I do (he rated ~3.6k).

      My current score is ~1.3k-1.5k and my two areas that are not the same of the other baselines are Disk Drive and View Card (especially the complex 3d graphics area.).
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        Each result you downloaded will have a number like BLxxxxxx in the name. This is the baseline number. We can use this to quickly search for a particular result.

        In the case above you are comparing your machine against baseline number, BL690593

        This machine appears to have been highly optimised / tweaked. The CPU has been way overclocked to 6.1Ghz and something has been done to the disk as well (maybe additional caching.

        So you might be better off finding a more average result to compare your machine against.


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          The hard drive score is very low, no comparisons needed. Any newer magnetic hard drive should have sequential reads and writes around 100 megs per second or better.

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