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  • Test results don't reflect user experience

    I have two PCs, both running Windows 10, with more or less the same software set up (virus checker, MS Office, OneDrive, and windows settings). I don't play games or use the computers for anything much more than MS Office, Web browsing and email.

    I have just run Passmark v9.0 on both.

    My Sony laptop, purchased in 2010 (7 years ago this month!), scored 653 overall, in the 10th percentile. Pretty low, but in reality, this laptop runs quite smoothly and reasonably fast for basic tasks like web browsing, MS Office applications, and opening and using, say, iTunes.

    Click image for larger version

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    Contrast this with my HP Envy 23 Desktop, bought in 2013 (I think), which scored 1,771 in the 42nd Percentile, but runs like an absolute dog. It takes forever to boot up, even once up and running it is very slow to open a web browser, MS Office App, open itunes etc...

    Click image for larger version

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    How can this be? What's going on here? I'm wondering about binning the HP and getting something new, or perhaps upgrading component parts (like the hard drive which seems to be the relatively slow part). My Sony laptop feels like it still has years of life left in it, even the battery is in good condition, which is impressive considering the use it has had (I used it heavily for a Masters degree during this time).

    I would add as background that my Sony laptop did get an upgraded hard drive a couple of years back with a Hybrid SSD/HDD with (something like) 16GB SSD / 1TB HDD. At the time this made a big improvement to the speed of the laptop. It seems like a logical upgrade for the HP, maybe going for an SSD or hybrid drive, rather than going for something new, but would this really help, considering the vast difference in experiences?

    Other useful info - we have Fibre, I use Windows Defender on both PCs, always up to date with everything, have tried various things like Malware / Spyware cleaning, CCcleaner, and Registry checks in the past to minimal or no effect...

    So I am stumped! Any recommendations before I open the cheque book on upgrades most welcome!!


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    Our software is mostly a hardware benchmark. If your HP machine launches a million different tasks at boot time, this will make the machine feel slow, but won't greatly impact the benchmark numbers.

    HP machines also often come with a lot of bloatware (and programs like CCleaner won't generally touch these items). I would think that if you upgraded to a SSD and did a clean Windows install, it would feel like a new machine.