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Disk Mark qualification and doubts

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  • Disk Mark qualification and doubts


    I buy one Plextor m6 pro 256Gb, because I see qualification on yours web site. I can get 514Mb Sequencial Read and 462Mb sequencial write in CRYSTAL DISK MARK, without plex turbo enable.
    With plexturbo 7778Mb, 7249Mb.

    Unfortaly my drive have boot problems and I have to change after 2 days, Buyer doesnt have any one more in stock and recomend me to buy one SAMSUNG SSD 850 PRO 256GB for same value.

    Samsung can get better results WITHOUT RAPID MODE in CRYSTAL DISK MARK, sequencial write and read: 529Mb; 519Mb, But Rapid mode isnt so effenciency as PLEXTURBO, I can get 7089 read, but only 4859Write.

    My doubt is about qualification in diskmark, plextor m6 have 13243 points. But only is possible with plexturbo enable???

    My samsung can Get 4990 without RAPID MODE, and 22673 with rapid Mode.
    Unfortanely I cant test in Passmark Plextor M6 Pro 256.


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    In my opinion these "Turbo" and "Rapid" modes don't count for much. They are just (badly behaved) RAM caches. Windows already includes a RAM cache. You don't need two layers of RAM caches. In a sense the whole thing is somewhat fraudulent on the part of the vendors.

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