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Help with crazy low DX11 score [GTX 970]

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  • Help with crazy low DX11 score [GTX 970]

    Hello Guys,
    I've felt for some time that my PC isn't measuring up to what i expected of it. I ran a full passmark Perf. Test and am pretty happy with the results in general, but my GPU seemed lacking.
    the one that REALLY sticks out is the DX11 score (see screenshot). The test started, then broke off pretty much instantly after showing a picture for ~1sec. my DX11 score is 17 (compared to a model average of 175). This is off by a factor of 10! any help on what to do next? I tried reinstalling DX11 and graphics card drivers, DXdiag and Nvidia control panel seem to report that DX is working on v12.
    I assume there might be a special problem with passmark here as well, but the performance could definitively be better. GPU temp is fine too. dont know where to go from here.

    Win10 Pro x64
    I5 3570K
    16gig ram
    ASrock Z77 Pro3 MB
    GeForce GTX 970 4GB

    Thanks for any help, if you have further questions (dxdiag etc...) just say the word!

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    The DX11 test should run for around 20sec. Not 1sec. The result isn't really valid if you only ran the first 1 second of the test.

    What do you mean by broke off? Was there an error message? We are sure the test runs fine on a clean install of Windows. So very likely there is some 3rd party software causing problems (or a hardware problem).

    Are the system temperatures OK when under load?

    Screen recording tools are known to cause problems (even when not recording sometimes). Overlay tools that display additional text on the screen, overlaid on games, can cause problems. Some overclocking optimisation tools can cause problems. Tools that pop up stuff in the tray can cause problems as they pull the focus back to the desktop and out of full screen mode.