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  • View Highest Scores Of A Single Cpu?

    Is that possible?

    I recently got a good score on an overclockde 6300 and tried hunting down the top score to see if I could beat it but all I could really find on the 6300 page was the average crap score and then some compairisons plus the 6 recently added scores, which I was #1. Been trying to find out if there is a way to see the highest scores of a cpu so I ended up making an account to ask...

    edit 1: I tried clicking "find same cpu" and it gave me a list i then sorted by cpu score but idk, the highest on there is 7846 and my score was 8623 and I feel like 7846 can't be the true highest score... otherwise that was really easy to beat. I feel like it's leaving out some.

    edit 2: I triedthe advanced search and just typed in "6300" under cou and found one score higher than me and that was 9072.. Any other ways y'all can think of to find other high scores? I feel like the in-program search isn't showing all possible scores.


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    The best tool to find results for a particular CPU is to use the Advance Search feature within PerformanceTest software. Also, don't confuse the overall PassMark with CPU Mark.

    Assuming you are referring to AMD FX-6300, see attached screenshot of search results with CPU Mark sorted in descending order. Quite a few are over 9000.

    Click image for larger version

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