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Crash on gpu compute test

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  • Crash on gpu compute test

    Hello Guys. Sorry if the same title has been started earlier. My computer crashes upon gpu compute test and i must restart my computer every time. I experience the same troublealso in some fps games, especially after explosions. I am unable to diagnose what's the problem. I use gtx 1060 and my drivers are up to date. Thanks in advance for help.

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    Is the PSU OK?

    Do you have a spare video card to try (or can you borrow one)?


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      Hey David, do you think that problem is related to psu rather than gpu?


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        Sudden complete system crashes are hard to diagnose. Doubly so via Email with no logs, no dumps, no access to the system and no system information.

        So we can only guess and suggest a trail and error approach.

        Swapping the video card and PSU would be a good place to start. Then if that doesn't help, maybe check temperatures & BIOS updates. Then try a clean install of Windows and a motherboard swap.