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What can cause extreme RAM latency?

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  • What can cause extreme RAM latency?


    I just ran this test for the first time, and I found that everything except my ram was performing well. For some reason, RAM latency is extremely high (71ns) which is in the 10th percentile. Swapping the memory modules in the mobo does nothing to change this.

    Interestingly, it seems that a number of other machines with the same RAM have fallen in te same area as mine, indicating that there could be some systemic issue that creates this choke with certain configurations. Can someone advies me on how to fix this issue? Also, does this kind of latency slow the computer at all?
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    A lot of the AMD CPUs have high RAM latency.
    (the same RAM with an current Intel CPU will have lower latency).

    You might be able to adjust the timings in BIOS to slightly improve it.
    The 2nd generation of Ryzens (e.g. 2700X) are claimed to have lower RAM latencies.

    For most applications the latency doesn't have a big impact. What isn't shown in the random latency figure is the effect of the cache in the CPU and the linear latency. Both of which aren't nearly as bad as the random latency,