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Samsung 970 pcie ssd results wildly inconsistant

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  • Samsung 970 pcie ssd results wildly inconsistant


    I just put in an EVO 970 nmve pcie 500GB SSD. Crystal Mark shows pretty consistent max seq. read speeds of 3300 MB/s and 2500 MB/s reads.

    Samsung Magician shows similar results, consistently. 3259 reads, 2461 writes, on my most recent test.

    But Performance Test 9 swings wildly--sometimes going as low as 1000 MB/s and never getting above 2700 MB/s seq. reads, and never getting above 2000 MB/s writes. I've tried increasing the duration of the tests up to 3 minutes each, but no difference.

    Is there an issue with Performance test on fast pcie ssd drives?

    I'm running a 6700k i7, gigabyte gaming 5 mb. Downloaded and installed the latest samsung nmve drivers and optimized it with the Magician software--though I don't think that's relevant as a system/driver problem would show with the Crystal Mark and Magician benchmarks too. But they are both consistent and within the expected range of the ssd--it's just PerformanceTest that seems way off.


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    Samsung Magician software and their associated "Rapid" service is a RAM cache. So you aren't really testing the drive a lot of the time if you are using Magician, You are partially (or in some cases fully) measuring the RAM speeds. There is also Samsung TurboWrite, which is another level of caching. Write speeds drop at least by half once the cache is exhausted.
    Meaning the results are sensitive to the behavior of all the caching levels.

    See also

    You can explore the different behaviors from the Advanced Disk Test window in PerformanceTest.