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Anyone have GTX 1060 6Gb benchmarks?

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  • Anyone have GTX 1060 6Gb benchmarks?

    I look at this page very frequently, since Im planning a new computer build now that GPU price gouging is finally to a minimum.

    Im looking for a GTX 1050Ti, 1060 3GB, or 1060 6GB, but there is no listing on that page (or anywhere on this site) for the 6Gb version. There are 2 entries for the 1060 3GB and an unspecified model, but both have the same average benchmark (8900 G3D). The high/low side of the unspecified's benchmarks are 10000/9000 G3D, but the same is true for the 3Gb's benchmarks... To me, this just shows that no one is posting benchmarks for the 6Gb one since its more expensive/rare.

    I guess the questing is; is theres a benchmark difference between the 3 and 6gb version? I know the 6Gb version has more than just more memory; it also has more memory and CUDA cores. So am I right to assume that this translates to a score thats higher?

    I have my own spreadsheets for solving price/performance ratios, but i can't determine it myself, for lack of data.
    Any real-world numbers would be very helpful, thanks.

    To the wibsite admin; In the future could the 2 be separated?

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    In terms of our benchmarks there is no advantage in having 6GB of video RAM (as compared to 3GB).
    3GB is already enough to run the DirectX12 test at 4K resolution. So no more is required.

    So the 3GB and 6GB card give roughly the same performance, but of course the 3GB card is cheaper, and so better value.
    (unless of course you have some particular game that uses massive amounts of video RAM, or you are running a 8K display)


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      Hey David, thanks for the practical insights and making my decision less confusing. Iíve been reading some other forums where the 6GB version is praised as so much better. They are probably basing that opinion on playing AAA games and VR @ 4K, which isn't what I'm interested in at all.

      Iím mostly running racing simulators @ 1080p/720p and modeling environments with 3DS Max, so Iím trying to balance my GPU cost with a getting a beefy CPU/RAM setup. Thatís why I come here for my numbers. I took another look at the core count and the 6GB version only has 10% more with no other notable difference, while the 1050 cards all lag way behind in all manner of throughput and frequencies.

      I definitely canít afford to over purchase on a video card and want to find the perfect price/performance point overall. I have the rest of my build pretty much settled and the video card was the last piece of the puzzle. The GTX 1060 seems like the best candidate ATM; unless something new pops up in the next month or so...