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My computer did very well

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  • My computer did very well

    I built this computer about a month ago and seems to do very well on the proformance test.

    It is a AMD 4800+ on a ASUS A8N-SLI with one 7800 GT video card with 2 gigs of corsiar 3200, 400 RAMM also a Western Digital Raptor 74Gig at 10,000 RPM Hard drive and a Benq dvd burner with light sribe. Aslo Windows xp X64 OS

    It scored a 832.7 once but seems to score807- 820 most of the time I can't overclock untill I get the bios update flashed to the MOBO but it would be neat to see an overclocked score with 2 video cards. [/quote][/list][/list]