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Performance degradation unknown

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  • Performance degradation unknown

    I have a set of servers (Windows 2012, VMWare, Dell M620 hosts) that dropped to less than half what their CPU rating should be a few days ago. They should be roughly 10000, but are showing 4000 for the passmark rating. The servers have been moved to another host to see if that changes anything, and it did not. Infrastructure is saying nothing has changed (HT still enabled, no limits in VM, etc.). But, another set of servers are the same hardware, OS, etc.) is seeing substantially higher performance.

    1) Is there any reason Passmark would be wrong? or that I need to consider something else?
    2) Any one have creative ideas as to why this would be?


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    What are the hardware specs for the Dell M620.

    Did you run the tests several times to see if the results are consistent. It is hard to benchmark a virtual machine accurately if you have dozens of other VMs on the same host doing stuff in the background. To much competition for resources.