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    So my 3D Graphics Mark score is only 8760 with the above named card, which is way below the normal. All my results specifically are:

    Directx9: 112
    Directx10: 208
    Directx11: 226
    Directx12: 40 (penalised by 60% as couldn't run at 4k, so was running at 1080p)

    Can anyone see which of the above score seems particularly low or what may be contributing to my overall lower than normal mark?

    I am running on an AMD 8350fx, 8Gb RAM and so SSD.

    Bear in mind when running the benchmark in game for 'For Honor' I'm getting exactly the same, even slightly better, results than an official benchmarking test of the same card with the same settings, and their system had an i7-7700k. So what's holding my results back on here?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Result are roughly what I would expect from this combination of CPU, GPU and resolution.
    A faster CPU would likely improve the frame rates slightly, especially for DX9. The 8350fx is around 6 years old now.


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      I ran a query from the raw data:

      Radeon RX Vega 56 Average Marks (around 100 samples) @ 1080P
      DirectX 9: 180
      DirectX 10: 229
      DirectX 11: 221
      DirectX 12: 49

      So it would seem that your DirectX 9 (and DX12) have greater variance from the average.

      Check that your drivers are up to date. If you are running any screen capture or overlay software try disabling them.

      You can also use the Manage Baseline feature within PerformanceTest to search for systems with the same CPU and GPU combination.and compare their results to yours.


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        Great, thanks guys.

        The DirectX9 makes sense as at those low resolutions the CPU becomes used more, of which mine is quite old as mentioned by David.

        Drivers are up to date and no overlay being used. Cheers for the Manage Baseline pointer... it would seem I'm getting similar results which would likely indicate it being the CPU!


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          Hi guys,

          I've just installed my new CPU and getting far better results.

          However, rather bizarrely, when I run the DX12 test I was getting an average of 35 FPS which I thought was very odd.

          Then I realised beforehand I may have had Virtual Super Resolution disabled. So I enabled it and the average jumped to 52 FPS? Can anyone explain why this is?

          Bear in mind that even enabling Virtual Super Resolution the test still reports that it's 'unable to run at desired resolution of 4k' and therefore I still get a penalised FPS?


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            What are the two resolutions (before and after turning on Virtual Super Resolution) for the DX12 test?

            Was the 35 & 52FPS figures the penalized figures or the raw figures?


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              Both 35 and 52 penalised.. both tests exactly the same, 1920x1080. Everything the same, only difference was Virtual Super Resolution.

              I never change any resolution with or without VSR enabled or disabled. Desktop resolution is always at 1080p. It's simply enable it.. FPS boost, disable and back to 35 FPS.

              If it's any help I can provide evidence of it happening.

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