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Passmark crashes on Directx10 test

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  • Passmark crashes on Directx10 test

    I just purchased a new laptop today and when attempting to run a passmark test and gauge my new system I found that it is constantly crashing on the DirectX 10 test. After a bit of searching, I found a few old topics with similar issues but none of the suggested steps solved the problem. I have an AMD Radeon Vega 3 (I know it's an outdated graphics card, it was a cheap laptop and I'm not expecting spectacular results.) What I've tried:

    - Reboot system
    - Ensure graphics drivers are up to date
    - Ensure DirectX is up to date.
    - Make sure Avast is not running (apparently this causes issues, but I don't have Avast on my system.)

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    Do you have any screen recording software or on screen overlay such as Hangouts enabled on your system? If so can you try disabling them when running the graphics tests to see if PerformanceTest still crashes.

    If it still crashes...

    -Run PerformanceTest in debug mode and send in the log after reproducing the crash,
    -Send in the dump file (.dmp), zipping the dump will compress it to around 10 MB to be easily attached to an email.