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Issue with score for GTX 1080.

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  • Issue with score for GTX 1080.

    Hello, Im having a issue with locating the issue with getting a low score on the 3D MARK.


    GPU : Palit Gefoce GTX 1080 8GB Dual OC
    CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
    RAM : 8GB DDR4
    PSU : 750 W
    DirectX version : DirectX 12

    3D Graphics mark : 6027
    DirectX 9 : 56
    DirectX 10 : 188DirectX 11 : 249
    DirectX 12 : 38
    GPU Compute :5897

    I have read the guide posted on this forum called "Causes and Solutions to a slow PC" and not found a solution that fixes it from that post. Im not able to run the DirectX 12 test correctly because it cant be opened in the correct resolution(so the test excludes 60% of the fps).

    any feedback is appriciated!

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    The DirectX 12 test was designed to run at 4K resolution.
    Running at lower resolution means the test will run faster (higher frames per second), but we penalize the result to make the numbers (somewhat) comparable with people who are running it at 4K.

    What resolution are you running at?


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      Im running at 1920x1080. Well if thats the case can you think of any reason why the card underpreforms in the directx12 and 9? I mean if the card is fine the penalty should be enough to even the score to a degree. Should I even use DirectX 12 if I dont run at 4k? Im thinking now that could be a culprit.


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        Found the issue, was sloppy when putting in the card, put in in the x4 instead x16. But thanks for the reply!


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          Yes, this is a classic mistake. Done it myself.