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    'm currently running a Ryzen 1500x with a single thread score of 1854 and noticed that the more budget priced Pentium G5600 has a score of 2277, a difference of 423 points. What I wanted to ask was would the Pentium chip be faster(snappier) for a user who simply browses the web, plays movies and music, and looks at photos. No gaming or encoding of any kind. I use Linux as my OS. Thanks for any advice.

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    If you never run more than two threads and use very limited graphics, then the Intel G5600 will be faster, and likely also use less power.

    Web browsing speed depends more on the Internet connection speed and your hard drive than the CPU. Both will play music and video without any issues. The G5600 isn't really an upgrade from the 1500x. Spend your money on a better SSD or better internet connection instead of a different CPU.