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  • SomeHelp Score 419.4

    Okay for the past month my computer has been really slow. I know I have no virus for sure. When I try to run diskcleanup it takes forever, usually about 2 minutes. Also it seems that my video is slow also when I play games like Counter Strike. Could this be my Hard drive? or something else. THanks in advance for the help!

    My specs:

    AMD 64 3000+
    Xp Pro 32bit
    1 gig pc3200 ram
    120 wd hard drive 7200rpm
    420watt power supply

    My PassMark score was 419.4

    My PassMark Results

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    I was not able to download the results from the link your provided. So it is hard to comment.

    As a general comment.
    1) Check you have the latest video card device drivers
    2) Defrag your disk
    3) Make sure you don't have too much junk software being loaded at startup (this is probably the most common issue with general slowness).



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      Opps sorry I fix it. Yes I have checked all my startup progams. I believe I have 4 with 34 processes.

      Thanks for Replying[/url]


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        None of the individual test results are really bad. But I might have expected a result maybe 5% better across the board with the hardware you have.

        So you might need to study the exact activities that are slow, and then look for the case. For example, maybe opening documents in Microsoft Word is slow becuase of the Anti-virus software you are running.

        I assume you have checked for Spyware and related unwanted software?



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          I have Bitdefender running with windows firewall. Only the antivirus of Bitdefender is turned on. My computer seems to be slow deleting files. Opening Mozilla is slow but other programs seem to open at normal speed. Thanks for the suggestions. Scanned my computer for spyware and viruses with about 6 programs, still I see the problem =(


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            Originally posted by Faderz
            Opps sorry I fix it. Yes I have checked all my startup progams. I believe I have 4 with 34 processes.

            Thanks for Replying[/url]
            Just a thought but have you checked the setings in your bios? This isn't necessarily related to Performance Test, but just in general memory timeings and how you are acheiving your clock are pretty important. 2ndly look for any programs running in the background. I was mystified by my low scores for about 2 days only to find out that I was folding and didn't realize it (DOH). I'm sure you're doing it but double check your performance before you run any software. Go in and kill any of the messengers, etc before you run it. Alternatively check for patches to any software you are running as you may have a memory leak that is killing your performance. Hope it helps.

            3800+ X2
            MSI K8N Nforce4 SLI PLatinum
            2X 512 MB DDR400 Ram
            2 WD 120GB SATAII + 2 Hitachi 80 GB SATAII
            in a 4 channel raid 0 array
            Antec Truepower 2.0 550Watt PS
            Samsung SyncMaster930B 19