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  • PT Output - details in single line

    I'm trying to collect and report on my own test results across generational changes, multiple runs for average scores, various models and through scripting have OK results (thanks for the loop output function). One of the challenges however is that I don't get all info on the device in the single line. Have I overlooked a way to have the hardware specifics output into the single-line output? I'd like to get the proc, memtype, hdd - all things output in the full individual XML or CSV but I don't see a way to get it in the singleline output. This would help me compare all i7 devices for example without having to manually add the info after.

    Another helpful output items would be the date of the test, manufacturer, OS, OS ver, maybe a couple variable fields I would use for variations tracking, driver changes for example..

    TLDR: I'm lazy and don't want to parse output files - can we have our cake in a single line plox?

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    You can do this using the SINGLELINE flag along with the EXPORT command eg "EXPORTTEXT "filename.txt" SINGLELINE" or "EXPORTCSV "filename.csv" SINGLELINE".


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      Two separate things

      A) The SINGLELINE command DOES organize the Test Results into the single line format - however does NOT include the PC Specs that are included in the non-singleline outputs.

      B) I'm running the tests in series and would like the results of each individual iteration - this uses the LOOP and REPORTSUMMARYCSV functions

      Fields I'm trying to get included in the REPORTSUMMARYCSV output (with example data):

      Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise Edition build 16299 (64-bit)
      CPU Type: Intel Core i7-7600U @ 2.80GHz
      Number of CPUs: 1
      Cores per CPU: 2
      Hyperthreading: Enabled
      Motherboard: 20JES0SS00
      Memory: 16GB RAM
      Videocard: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
      Hard Drive: SAMSUNG MZVLW512HMJP-000L7 (512GB)

      BONUS REQUEST - +1 on a function to disable the results page during LOOP.


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        The REPORTSUMMARYCSV command does not include system information in the results, if you use the EXPORTCSV command instead you will get system information and the results, eg;

        LOOP 3
        RUN CPU_ALL
        EXPORTCSV "S:\Temp\exportcsv.csv" SINGLELINE

        Currently the system information includes
        System Name, Model ,Motherboard Manufacturer, Motherboard Model ,CPU Type, Video Card, RAM, Drive Model, Drive Serial Number, Operating System, OS Install Date, Result Date

        We'll make a note to look at adding Number of CPUs, Cores per CPU and Hyperthreading to the output.


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          I have to be missing something or doing something wrong -

          When I use:

          EXPORTCSV "C:\Temp\resultscsvsingleline.csv" SINGLELINE
          I only see test results:
          Tested PC Name 4960 3248.2 14.3 183.9 4739.5 796.9 298.1 2762 2277.4 24 70.1 221.2 62 963.9 1089.4 54.1 49.5 9.2 22.7 4.4 984.9 89.7 24632.5 15584.1 11708.6 10535.2 31.7 21329.8 1364 1385.7 963.5 N/A 4402.3 620.8 2438.6 13428.5 1165.4 2945.7
          I'm using PTest 9.0 (build 1031)(64-Bit)
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            We don't see the same behaviour here, could you please post the script you are using so we can check it out.

            is the system information being displayed in PerformanceTest on the system information page correctly?


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              Here is the script:

              # Set the test preferences
              SETDISK "C:"
              SETDURATION 30
              SETCOMPUTERNAME "PC Makemodel"
              # Run the test 5 times
              LOOP 5
              # Clear the results
              # Run all tests 
              RUN ALL
              } REPORTSUMMARYCSV "D:\Tested\2019\PC Makemodel\sumresults.csv"
              # Save a HTML report for the last test run
              EXPORTCSV "D:\Tested\2019\PC Makemodel\csvresultsingle.csv" [SINGLELINE]
              EXPORTCSV "D:\Tested\2019\PC Makemodel\csvresults.csv"

              The csvresults has the vertical format and additional info
              The csvresultsingleline.csv and sumresults have identical results and do not have the PC specs.


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                Correction - I do NOT get the specs in any of the csv outputs (it seems all the csv outputs are horizontal). I DO get the specs in the non-singleline TEXT output


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                  You don't need the [] around the SINGLINE command (this indicates it's optional), so using this should work;

                  EXPORTCSV "D:\Tested\2019\PC Makemodel\csvresultsingle.csv" SINGLELINE


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                    That was it, I have it now - thanks!