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Low performance of my new graphic card

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  • Low performance of my new graphic card

    should I worry about the results I got testing my new graphic card? i have a gtx 1660ti that i bought 2 months ago. I was worried about the performance of the video card and i decided to run some tests, and got these numbers, which are being shown in the pics (my score= 8404 average=11453) there is a considerable difference between the results. Is this a problem, should i be worry about that? btw it's my first time posting here and i don't have experience posting in foruns, so sorry if im doing something wrong

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    The DX9 and DX12 looks lower than average for your videocard. If you are not running a 4K output, then your DX12 score will be penalized, besides that. Try using the 3rd icon on the right to compare your videocard vs same videocard module. It should allow you to see how your card stacks up.

    Click image for larger version

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    Some other things to consider:

    Are you using the correct PCIe slot on your motherboard?
    Do you have a power supply that can supply ample power to run the videocard?
    How is cooling/thermals for your system?
    Any Bloatware/Screen capturing/metrics applications installed?