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PerformanceTest Mobile 3.0 for Android Beta Release

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  • PerformanceTest Mobile 3.0 for Android Beta Release

    We are pleased to announce that PerformanceTest Mobile 3.0 for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and later (API 16+) has now entered beta and is available for download and testing.

    Current Beta Version
    Beta 1

    Download Link

    NOTE: We've been made aware that the download link my still point to V2. Google is selectively rolling out the app, it may not be available to all at this time. Check back again later to see if V3 is available for download.

    What's New in Version 3.0
    • No longer support Android Versions older than API 16. Requires Jelly Bean or later.
    • Native code compiled under ndk r20b and sdk 28. Complier is now using Clang and LLVM
    • Enabled compiler optimizations for the CPU tests that had previously been disabled.
    • Compression Test, Replace the existing algorithm with a new version that uses the Cypto++ Gzip library. Previous versions of PerformanceTest were using a Adaptive encoding algorithm, which gave good compression rates on text, but wasn't in common use. Zip is the defacto standard for real world data compression.
    • Encryption test, removed Salsa and TwoFish from the sub tests that are run and replaced them with an ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) sub test. Previously V2 had 4 sub-tests. These were, TwoFish, AES, Salsa20 & SHA256. Now we have three sub-tests. AES, ECDSA & SHA256. These are all algorithms that are heavily used in the real world.
    • Integer Math, made some changes to add better support for out of order execution. This makes the algorithm less linear and gives modern CPUs the change to get more calculations done in parallel.
    • Added a Cross-platform mark to the CPU test, made up of the Integer, Floating point, sorting and prime test scores.
    • Added a "Print..." option to Compare Baselines within the App to print results using Android Print Manager.
    • Other various Bug fixes
    Known Issues
    • With new tests being added and old test updated. The results from V2 may not be comparable with V3.
    • Some lower memory devices may not be able to run or run but return no results on the OpenGL ES Test using Unity. Android will start closing programs that use too much memory which might cause the program to crash/restart without notice.
    • Disk Internal/External Read tests may fail when running the complete benchmark suite with the error "Failed to Create Test File". However, the test might actually be okay when run manually.
    Bugs, Comments, Questions

    Keep any comments, bugs, suggestions, questions in this thread. For bugs, please also let us know the device/model being used. You can also send email in if preferred.

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    Nice to see that there is still work on the mobile version. On my Xiaomi Mi A3 in V2 the Unity Bench crashed after 20% loading. Now in V3 Beta everything worked well. Hope to see V3 soon.