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Extremely low 2D graphics score

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  • Extremely low 2D graphics score

    I'm getting extremely low 2d Graphics score with my Radeon R9-290
    2D Graphics Mark
    This Computer 924

    Graphics 2D - Simple Vectors
    This Computer 39.6

    Graphics 2D - Complex Vectors
    This Computer 264.0

    Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text
    This Computer 376.5

    Graphics 2D - Windows Interface
    This Computer 162.6

    Graphics 2D - Image Filters
    This Computer 1090

    Graphics 2D - Image Rendering
    This Computer 1111

    Graphics 2D - Direct 2D
    This Computer 13.7
    3D Graphics Mark
    This Computer 7633

    Graphics 3D - DirectX 9 Simple
    This Computer 469.2

    Graphics 3D - DirectX 9 Complex
    This Computer 189.1

    Graphics 3D - DirectX 10
    This Computer 129.9

    Graphics 3D - DirectX 11
    This Computer 140.0

    Graphics 3D - DirectCompute
    This Computer 2963

    The Direct 2D score is significantly much lower compared to baselines with the same CPU and GPU

    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K CPU mark score 10892
    GPU: Gigabyte Radeon R9-290Driver Version:
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP Motherboard ( not sure if relevant)
    RAM: 8GB G.Skill 2133 MHz
    Operating System: Windows 8 Enterprise Edition build 9200 (64-bit)
    Seeing how the 2D graphics score is calculated, it is affecting the overall passmark rating.

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    A overall 2D Mark of around 900 - 1000 seems about average for this CPU/GPU combination.
    Your overall 3D score is also OK. So I wouldn't be too concerned.

    Yes, the individual Direct 2D test is down a bit on what I would expect. Did you run it a few times to see how consistent the result is? Are your device drivers up to date?


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      Yes the overall 2D graphics score is just slightly lower than the other baselines with the same CPU/GPU combination, I ran the Direct 2D multiple times to make sure, all would be from 13-16 while the other baselines average around 29-30.
      The drivers are the latest from AMD.


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        Can you check what the temperatures on the GPU are. The new R9 GPUs have issues with throttling down when they get too hot.


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          I have my own fan curve set and the temps don't exceed 65 so there isn't any thermal throttling and all other tests get me solid results. With the card OC'ed all results in all benchmarks improve except the Direct 2D one where there seems to be an issue.


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            Starting to run out of ideas.
            Maybe it is just a particular Driver release, or some 3rd party software you have on the machine.


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              I'll be reinstalling the OS anyways in a week or so, maybe then I'll see something.


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                I reinstalled the OS on a Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB and uploaded my baseline id:19182530948
                and I'm still getting a low Direct 2D score and now a low DirectX 9 Complex score, all other test results vary when changing the clock speed except those 2 tests.
                Also, If I manage to improve these results how may I be able to upload my new scores?


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                  The software blocks identical scores being uploaded twice.
                  But if you get a significantly different result it can be uploaded again.


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                    Any ideas on what I should do regarding these results? I noticed there is something called 2D graphics version showing in AMD catalyst, is there a way I can upgrade that or is it a part of the whole Catalyst suite, any help would be appreciated.


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                      Ok i have same problems with 2D graphic. AMD drivers: 13.30-140108a-166899E

                      2d mark - 394.1
                      3d mark - 6080
                      cpu mark - 11061
                      memory mark - 1910
                      disk - 8947
                      overall - 3433
                      -------------------- my pc -----------------
                      Mb: asus x79 deluxe
                      Cpu: 4930k
                      GPu: r9 290x
                      Ram: 64gb /1866
                      SSD: x2 samsung 840 evo 250gb raid 1.
                      OS: fresh win7x64


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                        What are the individual 2D results that make up the 2D mark?


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                          Hi, David,

                          2D mark: 443. So i think not so much
                          Also it feels like i have lag on browsing webs...
                          My last PC with: P8Z77-V Deluxe / 3770k / HD 7970 Has better performance at all!

                          Also i found nice way to test pc performance on game load "The infestation" after game load to char select menu take all look to: r3dlog.txt On older pc i got load time 13-15 on new 25-31.


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                            Again, what are the individual 2D results that make up the 2D mark?
                            There are lots of tests that make up the overall 2D score. I want to see if they are all bad or just one or two of them.


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                              Ok sorry

                              2D results:
                              4930k / R9 290x / X79 Deluxe


                              2D on my old pc:
                              3770k / HD 7970 / P8Z77-V Deluxe

                              3D old:

                              Seems old one is better... Nice upgrade! lol
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