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Strange Results on PerformanceTest 8.0

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  • Strange Results on PerformanceTest 8.0

    Hi there,
    we met some strange results on Performance Test 8.0

    We wanted to compare 2 units, and we ran the test twice on each unit.

    Click image for larger version

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    The 1450 II has a lower result in any of the tests, but has a higher overall rating compared to the RS11. I assume this can not be correct.

    Best Regards

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    The machine you call the "1450 II" seems to have much better 3D performance. So this why the overall rating is roughly equal.

    I assume there must be some difference in the video card setup between the machines. e.g. different hardware, device driver versions, or something.


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      Hello David,
      thank you for your reply, here are the 3D results of the same units (red and blue).

      As you can see RS11 is faster or equal to 1450 II, in any of the 3D tests, that is not surprising, both are equiped with an Intel HD4000.
      But 3D summary result fpr RS11 is worse than 1450 II.

      We can not find any explanation for that.

      Unfortunately I can not attach the baseline files, because the file extension is forbidden.

      Best Regards
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        Are both machines connected to identical monitors that are capable of at least 1920x1080 resolution?


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          Hi David,
          no, they both use the built in Laptop Display.

          RS11 has a resolution of 1600x900
          1450 II has a resolution of 1366x768


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            We believe we have found a bug that was causing the overall 3D graphics mark to be calculated lower than it should have been in some cases, there is a new build available now from


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              Hello Tim,
              we have downloaded the new release and the results look OK now.

              Thank you.