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2D Graphics Mark failing to run

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  • 2D Graphics Mark failing to run

    Running performance test 10 and 2d Graphics mark is failing to run correctly and not providing a score.

    Ran in Debug mode and see this in the log

    35.813s - DEBUG: Running Test - Direct 2D
    35.813s - DEBUG PERF: Surface - initbuffers failed
    35.938s - Direct2DTest::RunTest start
    54.016s - Direct2DTest::RunTest close window
    54.016s - Direct2DTest::RunTest finish :FPS 44.334471 : penalty 0.000000
    54.016s - test_2d_direct2d res 0.000000
    54.031s - DEBUG PERF: CPU test 1 is 0
    54.031s - DEBUG PERF: calc mark num3DTestRun = 0
    54.031s - DEBUG PERF: calc mark everything
    54.031s - DEBUG PERF: numtest < 5
    54.031s - DEBUG PERF: num3DTestRun 0

    I have an asus Zenith extreme, two video cards 1 Nvidia p2000 and one P400 ( P2000 is set as default for all apps in the nvidia control panel).

    All other test run fine except the Direct 2D test in 2D Mark.

    Any thoughts? I didn't have issues with performance test 9 previously.

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    What resolution is the monitor?
    It looks like it may be trying to calculate a penalty value for running at less than 1080p but failing to do so correctly.

    If you can attach the whole debug log we should be able to check the resolution and DPI settings that PerformanceTest sees.