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GPU Compute test failed.

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  • GPU Compute test failed.

    i have recently bought a pc. I have an i3 8100 processor and a z270 motherboard. The psu is 550w and my gpu is amd rx 580. i had some issues while gaming where my game used to turn my pc off at a very specific loading screen. if the loading screen passes, the whole game works fine, else everytime the pc turns off at the loading screen. so i tried the passmark test and i found out that the issue i am facing is that whenever i am performing a gpu compute test, my monitor just goes to sleep while pc and gpu seems to be working in full power. gpu compute test doesnt turn off my pc. i also tried testing with another software and it made my monitor go to sleep as well.
    any response is appreciated.

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    Do you have another monitor (or a TV) available to test with. To work out if the behavior is linked to monitor or PC.
    Or can you monitor take different inputs. Can you for example, switch from Displayport to HDMI for debugging?


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      I checked all my gpu settings and i ran tests on my gpu again and figured out that my gpu was overheating. I underclocked my gpu and now it runs fine. But, i ran tests on my gpu again and this time the tests were completed but my gpu showed a score of 30.5% on userbenchmark. I am still worried if this is a problem and can be fixed.


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          Maybe the machine needs better cooling?


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            Do i need to thermal paste for my GPU? Will that make a difference? Or should i just add more fans?