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GTX 2080 EXTREME LOW performance

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  • GTX 2080 EXTREME LOW performance

    Hello guys, need some help here. Dont know what is happening.

    Ive got a pretty powerful PC, a GTX 2080TI and I am getting extremely low scores on 3D performance. any hints?

    Ive uploaded the afterburner stats and the screen results. but anyways my test ID is #1229932

    already used a driver cleaner, reinstalled the nvidia drivers and a lot more. going crazy already haha
    In games is the same thing, terrible performance

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    Yes, those numbers are low,

    Check through this page to start with


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      Really weird haha

      Tried everything there.
      not much happening at startup, the system is pretty fast besides 3D performance( you can see from the numbers). If had not opened DOOM Eternal to play i would not notice it. But now it is unplayable even at everything low(and it is know for being a pretty well optimized game).

      If nothing works will have to reinstall windows and shit, but i really dont want to


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        First I found out the VGA was running at PCI-E x1 not x16... then...
        It was some sort of bad connection on the PCI-E port. just took the vga off and back again and it worked


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          Maybe dirt / corrosion on the connector and re-inserting the card, cleaned up the dirt and fixed it. It was item #15 in our list of things to check.
          Thanks for posting the solution.