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Low dx12 scores after ryzen 3600 install

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  • Low dx12 scores after ryzen 3600 install

    Hi all, First time post here trying to get to the bottom of a strange issue.

    First off my system specs are

    Ryzen 3600
    Gigabyte b450 motherboard
    amd rx 570 4gb gpu
    16gb 3000mhz ddr4 ram
    standard sata hdd

    I recently installed a ryzen 3600 cpu as an upgrade to a 2200g. Ever since my dx 12 scores are drastically lower. I did a test before and after to see the difference as my old 2200g was bottle necking the gpu by quite a bit. All in all all my scores are better but my dx 12 score is down 30-40% I am now getting worse performance than an rx 560 and on par with a 1050ti mobile chip where i should be much closer to a rx580 like i am in all other tests and which i was before.

    All my other tests are on par with what the gpu should be doing. I included screen shots of the results. Before i was getting around 39-40 score on dx12 with the 2200g, now im getting 25. It makes no sense. I checked all drivers, rolled back, reinstalled tried different versions. Reverted bios back on the motherboard as i upgraded to latest version to take advantage of ryzen 3000 series full functionality, no change at all. Its as though the 3600 is killing dx 12 for me which in all reality should give me at least the same score if not better.

    Anyone have any ideas of what to try as I'm lost here.

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    Could the screen resolution have changed between the two tests?
    Can you monitor the CPU/GPU load during testing. And the temperatures.


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      Solved. For some reason all of a sudden the test doesn't like my screen resolution. If i change it i get better results than before. My monitor is a 720p tv, resolution is 136xx 768. if i set the resolution to 1080 scores are now in the 50's, Not sure why this changed, but at least i figured it out. Btw its only performance test thats doing this. dx12 in games is faster then ever, For example fortnite i used to get 70-90fps, now i get 200fps same settings.

      Thanks for the idea to check screen resolution.



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        Glad it was sorted out, but hard to image how a change in the CPU caused this change in behavior.