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Extremely low CPU floating point maths score

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  • Extremely low CPU floating point maths score

    My Ryzen 5 1600 scored 4163 (consistently +-100 points) on the floating point maths test, the average for this test on this cpu is reported at 22359.
    The CPU is not overclocked and all cores were in full use, windows is a pretty fresh install there's no fancy optimisation stuff running.
    This doesn't seem normal to me, any ideas what I can do?
    (And a score/thread count graph for very long test: )

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    What are the results for the other CPU tests?
    Did you check the CPU temperatures?


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      Temps were normal, prime95 maxes out at about 60-65c so cooling doesn't seem to be an issue.
      The other tests I noticed after (but couldn't edit/add till post was approved). the single thread test was bad at about 1800 iirc and the final CPU cross platform test was 30th percentile by model. All the other tests were firmly within average range 40th-60th percentile scores compared with the same model.

      I'll run the test again tomorrow and update with exact scores for all the other tests


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        Thanks for responding, here's a full set of CPU scores and listed Model Average for quick reference, there's two that stand out as unreasonable poor scores to me but I don't know what "cross-platform mark" is, is that just a different way of averaging the other scores?
        and I double checked temps during this test set, maxed out at 71c

        CPU Mark: 7430 (average 12878 )
        Integer Math: 38201 (average 43738 )
        Prime Numbers: 32 (average 35)
        Compression 181163 (average 171116)
        Physics 648 (average 671)
        CPU Single Threaded 2009 (average 2115)
        Floating Point Math: 3862 (average 22359)
        Extended Instructions (SSE): 6122 (average 6934)
        Encryption 12792 (average 12399)
        Sorting 22146 (average 21857)
        Cross-platform Mark 11289 (average 22129)


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          There are two other similar instances we have come across where all scores were more or less OK, except the floating point result.

          See these two posts

          The summary, after a lot of investigation, in those threads was

          - Turning on Intel Speed step in BIOS might fix it (for Intel CPUs)
          - Uninstalling Gigabyte bloatware (e.g EasyTuningService) might fix it
          - Full reinstall of Windows if above don't work.
          - It was also determined that Dual Intelligent Processors 5 software (under ASUS AI suite) causes a problem for AMD ThreadRipper CPUs.

          Cross platform score is an average of those results (including floating point) which can legitimately compares across platforms (x86, Android & iOS). The results of that score can be found in the cross platform CPU benchmark chart.


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            I didnt have any of the problem software installed but a clean windows install has a floating point math score of 21500, so clearly this was/is a software problem.
            thanks again for the help, I'm going to attempt to figure out what caused it if I do I'll post back so you can add it to the list for next time


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              Thanks for the update. So there must have been some bit of software installed after Windows that caused the problem.

              Pure speculation, but maybe some software is changing the CPUs floating point precision setting (incorrectly)