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Intel I7 9700KF: performance

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  • Intel I7 9700KF: performance

    Hi guys.
    I did a performance check this night.
    This is a new computer, asus Z390-F motherboard with intel i7 9700KF ooverclcok to 4.9GHZ with Intel perfomance maximiser. DDR4 3200MHZ 32GO, and 2070super.

    As what i can read on you online results, my score (7482) is not a lot, and for my CPU you give a score of 14'000...

    There is something that i dont understand, or really this is bad result and something is wrong?

    Thank you for your help!

    Best reagrds,
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    I think you are confusing the "PassMark Rating", which is for the whole machine, and the CPUMark value for just the CPU.

    Your PassMark Rating is 7482, which is pretty good.
    Your CPUMark is 14,540. Which is almost exactly the average for this CPU.

    The default turbo speed for this CPU is 4.9Ghz I think. So to run it at 4.9Ghz wouldn't be an overclock.


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      Thank you a lot for your answer!
      Yes apparently i was confusing those two things.
      Base 3,6 GHZ and "overclocked to 4.9" but yes i can now try to overclock more as this should be the "standard overclock" at 4.9... Thrue...

      Thank you David!