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Performance Test V10 - IOPS Disk Results low on new PC's

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  • Performance Test V10 - IOPS Disk Results low on new PC's

    Hi... We're running Windows 10 Pro v1909 at a school. We have a lot of near new HP Prodesk workstations, well spec'd, factory installed Windows, and with only a single HDD. I've run Performance Test so far on about 12 PC's from a USB stick. Disk scores all seem very low, in particular both IOPS scores (listed below). But the actual PC's appear to be working quite well.

    We do run a Windows Domain, with AD and Folder Redirection. Is there any chance that folder redirection may be skewing the test results ?

    I have checked that the HDD Drivers are up-to-date.

    ◐ʩDisk Mark - This Computer 861
    Disk Sequential Read - This Computer 118.2
    Disk Sequential Write - This Computer 115.1
    IOPS 32KQD20 - This Computer 8.3
    IOPS 4KQD1 - This Computer 0.58

    Thx Wayne R.

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    Disk scores all seem very low
    What were you expecting from a HDD?
    No offence, but you are insane to buy a computer with a HDD instead of a SSD.

    You can get a HP M.2 SSD 120GB for $30

    Or a 256GB SSD for $34

    Performance will be 10x to 100x faster.


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      yes, that is the issue, I just benchmarked an SSD machine and it did do much, much better in the random disk tests. I knew there would be a difference, didn't expect it to be that pronounced.