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high score on sempron??

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  • high score on sempron??

    Hi all
    Using this system:
    Sempron 2800 (64bit)
    1gb ram
    Geforce 6600agp 256mb...

    And somehow I got a 608. This seems rediculous when my p42.8 512mb ram system only gets a 377??

    What other results have semprons gotten? and furthermore... why would an Athalon 64 3000 get only a 280?? Ah I'll never understand!

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    You need to look at the individual results in order to determine why the overall results are so different.

    You also need to look at the hardware in the different machines. For example the graphics card in the Sempron might be much better than the P4.

    If you are running Windows 64bit, this can also help, compared to a 32bit machine.

    In our baseline database there are 84 different Sempron machines to compare your machine to. (but you need to purchase the software to use the database)



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      Here's a link to a database of baseline files that you can view if you have the licensed version of PT V6.

      Honestly, your score doesn't seem outrageous in any aspect, on either machine. Of course, something might still be fudging up the scores since we can't see the full results, but they look pretty normal to me from the specs you gave. Although 280 does seem very low for an Athlon 64 3000, but can't say much without the full results.

      Your best bet is to make sure you have all of your newest CPU drivers installed and no background processes running while running PerformanceTest.

      Edit: Oops, David posted as I was typing this out.