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For David(Passmark) re Top 20 Fastest Desktops

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  • For David(Passmark) re Top 20 Fastest Desktops

    David, What happened to the Top 20 Fastest Desktops? The same person with AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and X570 AORUS ULTRA motherboard uploaded and occupied top 6 spots. Will you only accept the best scores? Why will not allow us to even upload scores if it was within 5% of the last score?

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    I've excluded the similar benchmark from the user and have regenerated the Top lists.

    The 5% difference before allowing uploads is a quick check to cut down on volume uploads. I won't document the methods to circumvent the check, but there are ways to get around it. Likely this user figure it out or they simply just did a wipe/reinstall or maybe it is an internet café/computer lab with similar spec'd machines.


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      Hi, Richard, thanks for looking into it. But It happened again. No.1 and No.2 are the same person. No. 4 and No.7 are the same person. No. 5 and No. 6 are the same PC.


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        Thanks for letting us know, we've updated the list.